Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Business Cards

It's time to for an update, I spent my afternoon and evening yesterday helping Eileen of Painting By Eileen create her first blog. I told her we needed to do it while I still remembered what I did for mine. lol  We got most of what she was looking for done, she just needs to add her finishing touches to it. I hope you all check her blog out when she makes her first post!  She was a huge help to me when I started both the Facebook Fan page and the Etsy Store! I would never have the huge fan base I have without her either, she put my links out there to get me started in Link Love. I started this all in January this year and in only 3 months I have over 840 fans and have made two sales. I can't say enough about link love and how it works to get you out there in front of so many people so quickly.

Since I will soon be sending my crocheting to Chicago for the boutique, I am in need of some quick designs for both business cards and hang tags. My son has volunteered to help me out on this and these are the designs he has come up with. 

 I would love your feedback on them.

He used one of my doilies as the background. Do you think I should use the same designs on the hang tag also? I need to have the price on the hang tags along with the care instructions.

Any ideas you may have are much appreciated. I have to get as much done in the next two weeks to send the first of many shipments out!!!

Thank you in advance!


  1. I like the second business card design best. Personally I would leave off the squares with 'stitchin' the day away' as they just look 'dirty' coloured and over complicate the card. If you'have' to have it then I would place it...just one, on bottom right corner only.
    Care tags along similar design will be great.

  2. I'm with RoxyTint.
    Love the second one if you take the little squares out :)

    Care tags I would make exactly the same, for continuity - then if anyone loses your card - your details on the tags.
    I'm a fan of yours thru Link Love - and I would also change your FB avatar to match the card :)
    Make yourself one recognisable image that is uniquely you across all your promotional material .

  3. The second is great. I would agree though with the removal of squares. Hope you have a great time!

  4. Thank you both very much! I will have him make the changes and create the other tags as well!

    Pat, I like the idea of it also being the avatar in FB!

  5. Thank you Michelle, will get them removed!