Friday, April 23, 2010

Update on business card, hang tag, and table runner...

I have finished the creation of both the business card and hang tag!!! I used Corel Paint Shop Pro! Never knew you could do so much with this program, it gets very involved, but now I know I can figure out anything...until the next time I need to use it. LOL
I took your advice and removed the "stitching the day away" squares! Thank you so much for your input!
and the hang tag...I hope this will work, it needs a price location yet, but I think I can add that to the back??
If anyone knows how to do this, I would appreciate the help!
I have finished the table runner, but not sure if it needs more around the outside for the border???  I think it does, however this is all the pattern calls for. What do you think?
This is a closer picture of the design:
A closer picture of the border, and all the detail of the flowers:
I was thinking a shell type border to make it wider, what are your ideas?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Want to share....

I have been receiving complements that are awesome and would love to share them with you! I am so not used to this so it is a little overwhelming to read or hear them.

From my Aunt Fran:"you crochet just like Mom (my grandmother) did, it is hard to tell the front from the back and that is when you know you have quality work. You should charge so much more to let people know they are getting quality work and not something cheaply made"

From my cousin Gail "Diana, these are beautiful!  You carried Grandma George's legacy through the generations!"

Mountgreenwoodgifts Giftshop
Great job, Diana! Just when you were getting discouraged! WAY TO GO! We are very excited about getting your products stocked! I have scanned thru your Etsy shop and you do an excellent job! Quality and reasonable pricing! That table cloth has the crafts(wo)manship of an expert and I can see you take pride in your work!

Your crochet creations are very beautiful! Doilies are so intricate and delicate. I love the colors you used. The butterfly is exquisite. I had to express my admiration for your talent. Have A beautiful Etsy Year. xxx Fairyqueencrochet

There are more but I can't find them right now! I just want to let you all know that I am so totally in awe of your compliments and will keep up the high standards I set for myself.  I can not sell something that I am not happy with, so I make sure I undo any mistakes along the way to only sell my absolute best work!

Wishing you all the best in your sales!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Business Cards

It's time to for an update, I spent my afternoon and evening yesterday helping Eileen of Painting By Eileen create her first blog. I told her we needed to do it while I still remembered what I did for mine. lol  We got most of what she was looking for done, she just needs to add her finishing touches to it. I hope you all check her blog out when she makes her first post!  She was a huge help to me when I started both the Facebook Fan page and the Etsy Store! I would never have the huge fan base I have without her either, she put my links out there to get me started in Link Love. I started this all in January this year and in only 3 months I have over 840 fans and have made two sales. I can't say enough about link love and how it works to get you out there in front of so many people so quickly.

Since I will soon be sending my crocheting to Chicago for the boutique, I am in need of some quick designs for both business cards and hang tags. My son has volunteered to help me out on this and these are the designs he has come up with. 

 I would love your feedback on them.

He used one of my doilies as the background. Do you think I should use the same designs on the hang tag also? I need to have the price on the hang tags along with the care instructions.

Any ideas you may have are much appreciated. I have to get as much done in the next two weeks to send the first of many shipments out!!!

Thank you in advance!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I make everything with utmost care and attention to detail. I would not sell something I wouldn't use myself or give as a gift. You will find doilies, butterflies, and I am working on creating table runners and mantle scarves. But each time I look for more patterns, I find more things I want to make!

I am currently working hard to get inventory stocked up to start selling my doilies, table runners, and mantle scarves in Chicago at a craft/gift shop!
Since this is taking up most of my time right now, I thought I would start a blog to tell about what it is like to find patterns that I like, but aren't quite what I had in mind. Soooo, I am making some motifs and trying to figure out how to connect them and keep the lacy look also. The first picture is a single motif, then I'm trying to show what they are like when joined. I don't like the large opening between the motif's, it would be easy for the threads to break also. If you have any suggestions or ideas for connecting motifs, then please comment and let me know them! One comment I had was to use hairpin lace to connect since it is lacy, but I cannot find the tool needed to do that.
This runner is the current work, since I can't finish the above runner yet. I never liked motifs before, but I am enjoying making this one and love the ability to watch it all come together with the pattern it makes.
I want to show you my dresser was ALOT of work and I'm not sure I would make it to sell unless someone wanted to special order it. But I just love the pattern and had to make it!
Since I have been spending all my time creating this blog, I  must now get back to work on crocheting!