Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Banner and Avatar

I have the most wonderful banner and avatar now thanks to Kristin from KNN Graphics. I asked her if I could feature her on my blog and show some other work she has done. This is what she has to say:

My name is Kristin. I am 21 years old and I have been doing graphic design for just about a year now. I am a designer specializing in logos, banners, and business cards. I love photography and do it on the side. My ultimate goal is to expand my business in graphic design and ensure the highest level of customer service. I only use the best software to ensure that all designs are of the highest quality.

I work solely based on you, the client. Customer satisfactions is my ultimate goal, that will be fulfilled with unlimited revisions.

I want you to love your design, and I believe that naming the number of revisions it will take to make the design is not a good way to accomplish that. So I offer unlimited revisions of all my design work. As a result of this policy, my clients are free to work with me until the final designs are perfect and fully met their expectations.

Some of her other designs are added for you to see what an awesome job she does! 


 I just love that, he looks like he's having fun!!!
Business Cards:

 So if you need any graphics, see Kristin! As you can see she does a great job with anything you need!
You can visit her pages here:
Tell her Diana sent you!


  1. Yay! Kristin is great to work with and I always appreciate her work! Your banner looks great!!!

  2. How nice to see someone so young with such a great attitude about customer satisfaction.

    If only we could get the rest of the world to see it her way. Top notch work at a extremely reasonable price.

    Great job Kristin, we love your work!

  3. Sorry for the delay, for some odd reason I was not able to post comments to any blog including mine.

    Thank you Ichiban Joyas, I am very happy with her work.

    Thank you Eileen, glad you like it!

  4. You should all be aware that she copys and steals... If you search images on google, for things like 'bee logo', and body builder, you will see that she is taking other peoples logos and just altering them. that is why alot of her 'original' work is actually pixelated. She has no rights to be 'giving away the copyrights' on her work when she stole most of it. I wonder how satisfied her customers are knowing that they now have a 'beautiful' store on etsy full of stolen images???